Exploration of NEWSY.com!

NEWSY.com is basically a website that gives you news on what’s happening today in the world. They have tons of categories that you can pick from; documentaries, politics, entertainment, investigations, etc. You name it, they’ve got it all! I went on the “shows” category and saw that they have small TV shows that keep you updated on the news every hour, but it is more of a live video. I also went to the entertainment category and saw the less serious videos. I watched the video “Why is ‘The Office’ still so popular? We asked the ‘Office Ladies’ ”.This videos was definitely entertaining. It talked about how two of The Office actors have a podcast and they even interviewed them a bit. On the more serious side I went to the politics category, where everything was…well..very political. But these videos can help people who don’t really know about politics. The videos are interesting to watch so it is easy to learn from them. I never knew about this website until now. But I actually really found it interesting. NEWSY doesn’t give you the same news as everywhere else and if it does they make it interesting enough to catch your eye!

4 Replies to “Exploration of NEWSY.com!”

  1. Hey Alexandra, I agree with your points! It’s true that newsy sets itself apart from the rest by providing quality content that is actually interesting. There were so many articles that caught my attention.


  2. Hey Alexandra!
    I liked how you mentioned “what’s happening today in the world”. I fully agree with you on that because most people if not all needs to know what is going on. I am glad that our professor is letting us explore that website and, I am excited to write a story about it. Thanks for sharing!!


  3. I totally agree with your statement that they make something for everyone on there. I like that the videos are easy to understand as well. There’s quite a few categories to choose from so I think anyone would be able to find at least something to like about with NEWSY.


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