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A hyperlocal new sites are news sites that cover events or topics that happen locally. I looked at Columbia Journalism Review a clicked on a couple websites. One thing I noticed was that a few hyperlocal new sites use wordpress, for example acestoohigh.com is a wordpress website. But in this website I did notices that a lot of their articles weren’t very local. Their articles had to do with some problems in Iowa, Florida, and California.. so I am not quite sure why they are labeled a hyperlocal new site. Also when I clicked through some sites I noticed that a few of them said that they are no longer active. So I am guessing that has something to do with the views or the lack of interest people had with this site. In my opinion I kind of do like hyperlocal news, it gives me more insight of what is happening in my community. 

One Reply to “Hyperlocal News Blog”

  1. Hi Alex, I believe there might be a disconnection to hyperlocal news lately and we as a community have moved to generalized news media coverage based on the U.S or world news rather than local coverage. News organizations are being less funded for local news based on the viewership on their media, thus creating them to switch to more media coverage to gain more population to their platform.


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