Photo Journalism Project

I’ve never been the girl that’s into sports. I never cared to turn the channel on to watch a football, baseball, basketball, nor any other games. But that all changed last year when I went to my first hockey game. Before I moved to Tampa I never even knew we had a hockey team. The only reason I went was because I got some free tickets and I heard watching the game in person is fun. That night was the night that I became in love with the Tampa Bay Lightning. For my photo journalism project I would love to cover a lightning game. The whole vibe watching the game in person is different than watching the game on Tv. This will be great for me to capture the whole vibe for that night. And it’ll also give me a reason to go to the game without feeling guilty about how much I spend on tickets a year. The only thing I can’t control about this project is if I cover this topic then I really hope I go to a game the Lightning’s win and not lose.

3 Replies to “Photo Journalism Project”

  1. Hi Alexandra, I was the same before about how I felt about sports. I never had the thought of watching any sports I kind of felt like they dragged out a lot and they were really boring, like i would watch the Superbowl to only be excited on watching the commercials. That all changed for me when my friends took me out to play soccer, I eventually got into the game rules and soon began to watch games like the Russia world cup which made me appreciate watching games.


  2. Hey Alexandra!
    Last year in December I went to my first “Tampa Bay Lightning” game. I was very happy to see all of the fans come together and, scream when the “Lightning” scored a goal or the shades of blue throughout the arena. The games are definitely worth it and, I hope that you have fun at the next game you go to. Let’s hope that our “Tampa Bay Lightning” go to the Stanley Cup. GO BOLTS and thanks for sharing!!


  3. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I am not a huge fan of baseball but I went one time with a couple of friends and going to one vs watching one on TV really was a different vibe. Again baseball isn’t my favorite sport but like you said it’s different when you’re actually there. I’ve never been to a hockey game but one day for sure!


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