Blog 6

My biggest hope as a communications major is to be able to cover case studies. I would love to cover stories about serial killers or anything in the crime scene. I know that as I am still in school I obviously won’t be able to write about that type of stuff. But my closest bet on getting somewhere near writing about crazy cases is to interview a directive or even shadow a detective. I am always watching crime investigation shows and it interests me so much how these people can make something out of nothing. How some cases haunt them or how some cases go unsolved. I want to know what goes on in the minds of the people that commit these crimes, what are their backgrounds. I could also try to get a file that is solved and just read what kinds of evidence the police got and write a story about it (if I have permission, of course).

4 Replies to “Blog 6”

  1. Hey Alex, I think it’s cool that you have a clear vision before you set out to interview and write your story. Case studies aren’t limited to just crime studies, although there is certainly ample room for service learning stories there. Sometimes research and case study can blend together a little bit for me, whereas a story can be narrowly focused on the 26 year old who tossed his daughter off of the Skyway Bridge, or case studies on products like the e-cigarette story in class. I’m sure you’ve already written the story by now, but maybe focusing on a particular reoccurring crime in the Tampa area would be the most timely and proxy. Just like working as a lawyer, the crime shows obviously dramatize the true nature of that profession or case. Cool topic though!


  2. Hello Alex. I think is so interesting how you want to cover case stories about serial killers. I would love to know what these serials are thinking when they do this type of crime and why. I think that people’s background plays a big role in their actions. Just like bullies at school, they might act the way they do because of things that happening in their lives, their background story, and what they been taught growing up. I look forward to seeing you cover these interesting stories.


  3. Hi Alex, hearing and writing about case studies are really interesting creating a sense of suspense and discovery tying up all the evidence to recreate a series of events that led to the climax of the story. I really enjoy hearing crime stories where you get to learn about the mind of the person behind it all especially when we all are surprised about the one that is behind the events. I am definitely interested in hearing more about you creating a case study on something.


  4. Hi Alex, I think your vision is awesome with what you want to do! It’s so interesting in listening to crime stories and finding out what could happen and potentially covering them. Shadowing a detective would be so cool and I feel like you could learn a lot from that! I do have to agree with you, I always want to know the minds behind the criminals or why it happened and why they did it. It’s great that you have some ideas on what you want to do and how to achieve that, I wish you the best of luck!


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