Interview Preparation

I selected Arturo Bailon, a personal trainer for my interview. I have always been interested in fitness ever since I was little. I would always be in sports from first grade until 12thgrade. I’ve always had a fear in gaining weight so when I stopped doing sports, I started to get into the gym. Arturo Bailon has been helping me by giving me meal tips and workout plans. I chose to interview him because I’ve always (lowkey) wanted to be a personal trainer while being in school. I was interested in knowing what really goes on and how much work you have to put in to being a personal trainer. I didn’t have any challenged other than when was a good time to interview Bailon, but I just used one of his breaks to interview him. All I had to do was come up with some questions and everything else fell into place.

One Reply to “Interview Preparation”

  1. Hi Alexandra!

    The subject of your interview is something really interesting that I wouldn’t initially have thought of as a non-athletic person. I’m glad you found someone in a field you’re passionate about whose schedule you could work around! I also found it cool that he gave you meal tips and workout plans. Arturo sounds like a great trainer and I’m excited to read your full interview.


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