Inside a personal trainers life

Working 12 hours a day, listening to weights drop, people huffing and puffing, and people counting numbers. This is the daily life of a personal trainer. Arturo Bailon is 21 years old and has dedicated the past 5 years to physical fitness. Bailon says, “I was always called fat boy when I was younger, I made a decision to better myself and get the confidence I’ve always wanted to have”. His passion for physical fitness came from his younger times, he says he want people to feel the way he felt whenever he reached his goal. Bailon say that his transformation was pretty big. “I started off weighing at 200lbs of fat and now I weigh 180lbs of muscle. It took me about two years to actually get to where I want to be.”

Interview questions:

  1. Where did your passion come from?
  2. What motivates you?
  3. Why did you want to be a personal trainer?
  4. Whats your daily life like?
  5. When do you find time to workout?
  6. How long do you workout for?
  7. Was your transformation big?
  8. How long do you work for?
  9. What are the things you hear inside of the gym?
  10. What are some stereotypical things people think about personal trainers?

3 Replies to “Inside a personal trainers life”

  1. Great questions! I love how motivated Arturo is to help others get the same success he found. How did you meet Arturo? Are you a trainer yourself? I think those interview questions are really spot on, it would leave for a well-rounded interview. I’m interested in how often he works out and how his usual day goes. Can’t wait to read more!

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  2. Hi Alex
    I really like your first sentence, I find it flashy in a positive way, and think it really draws the reader in to your story. I would imagine Arturo is a personal trainer? The other direction I took this was that there was a personal trainer consulting someone like Arturo. Either way, it’s an interesting approach that speaks to insecurities and self-esteem issues which many of can relate to. Being a little older than most of my peers in the class, being a teenager or even twenty one, seems like an eternity ago. I remember not knowing jack squat about physical fitness when I was that age, succumbing to buying enormous sixty dollar tubs of protein powder, agreeing to expensive personal training sessions, and working out the wrong way in general. I will say twenty one years old is just the beginning and a tiny blip on the map, but I commend his efforts!


  3. Alex, this should make a very interesting interview. Did you also ask about the certifications needed for this work? I would like to hear more about Mr. Bailon’s future plans or how he might grow his business. Are there new training programs he would pursue? Talking about future aspirations might be an interesting way to close the interview.


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