Who would I like to interview….

I have been trying to answer this question for a while. I know I would not like to interview a celebrity, because we know so much about them already. Now-a-days celebrities post everything on social media or they do so many other interviews that go viral that nothing about them really interest me. One person that really interests me is Tim Burton. Burton is a filmmaker that is known for his gothic films. He’s a well-known artist but he’s not really someone that people follow. He does not really come up in magazines and he does not have social media, which makes me think that his life is a mystery. I am sure you’ve heard or seen of some movies he has made, for example: Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and a Nightmare Before Christmas. I would love to ask him what first interested him into making films, how does he come up with these iconic movies, and why did he choose to make these films so dark and gothic? 

5 Replies to “Who would I like to interview….”

  1. I absolutely love Tim Burton’s Edward Scissor hands it was such a good movie. I also thought it was creative how you choose to interview such a mysterious producer. I would also ask him why he made such gloomy colored films. I heard his favorite holiday was Halloween which did not surprise me.


  2. It’s really cool how you’d rather focus on someone who doesn’t get as much recognition and attention as some celebrities do in this generation. I agree with the fact that we already know so much about some celebrities to the point where nothing is really interesting anymore. Very unique.


  3. hey Alexandra, i think an interview with the one and only tim burton would be a great interview. it would definitely be a change from the social norm of celebrities who are, like you said constantly posting and sharing a huge percentage of their life. he sure has his own style and in this day in age it so easy to get lost in the wave and follow a certain trend.


  4. Tim Burton has to be one of my all-time favorite filmmakers. I know he’s not everyones cup of tea but I just find his movies always so fascinating to watch and they keep me intrigued the entire time I watch them. Like you said the way he carries himself in life not being very out there in social media makes him even more mysterious and that plays a huge part in his films and how those come about. He is definitely one of the top filmmakers I too would love to interview. To just be able to understand his mind when making his movies would be the coolest thing.


  5. I definitely agree that interviewing celebrities these days is not as interesting because most of them have interviews out there publish on social media and they post almost everything about their lives on their social media for us to see. I think it is a great idea to interview someone that is most mysterious and does not have its life on social media.


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